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Gordon Brent Pierce is a 1987 provincial junior champion, and a four-time provincial champion, former national and world champion working for Pierco Management. Gordon Brent Pierce last represented UBC while playing against LSU at the SEC tournament. phone # +1 604 633 0288
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Gordon Brent Pierce 

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Silver in the Marketplace Gordon Brent Pierce has observed the incredible consistency and increase in value gold has shown over the last decade.  In all this attention on the “yellow metal” another traditionally valuable and increasingly investment-worthy material has been largely under the radar of various investors. Silver, long known as one of the most plentiful and least expensive of the precious metals, has made a recent comeback in price, providing a signal to Gordon Brent Pierce that perhaps it is time to give silver another look as a potential investment.

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While silver saw its modern glory days in terms of price during the 1970s, when its prices checked in at well over $50 per ounce with regularity, today’s silver increase may be even more worth watching in light of the global economic picture’s increased volatility. From early 2010 to 2011, silver increased in value by over 100 percent, a staggering rise characterized by both the sagging global economic financial market and increased value of silver in various industrial uses, especially in the area of high technology and related industries. The demand for silver is outpacing the annual production, creating a classic case of increased value for a commodity, and an option investors would be wise to pay careful attention to over the coming weeks and months. Silver has its uses in three primary areas—industrial production, jewelry and silverware, and photography, the last of which has increased dramatically in the age of computing. These three areas make up approximately 95 percent of its general use, but silver has many other advantages which make it a desirable—and necessary—component in the global marketplace. Gordon Brent Pierce knows silver has been viewed as a less expensive alternative to gold in all kinds of capacities, but thinks the recent price increase warrants a closer look at this precious metal as both a commodity and investment. Gordon Brent Pierce observes silver demand being largely the result of the quickly changing and increasingly uncertain economic outlook in various world markets, especially in Europe, Asia and of course, the United States. Nonetheless, the markets have placed trust in the precious metals—including silver—for their security and consistent value despite volatile economic conditions globally. Gordon Brent Pierce also sees the trend for precious metals like silver increasing in value as more than a passing development. Gordon Brent PierceThe economic signs for recovery have been slow and sluggish in recent years, much less dynamic than many experts originally predicted, and central banks across the world are busy either keeping the rates of borrowing to near or at zero percent while governments contemplate ways to infuse money into their ailing economies. Precious metals are a useful hedge against the inflation many economists and other financial experts worry is imminent in future months, and silver is quickly becoming an investment option not only worth paying close attention to, but one Gordon Brent Pierce thinks could be useful for any shrewd and forward-thinking investor to add to his or her investment portfolio.      

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My Friend Brent Pierce is a peddler of all that is good in the world of musical instruments. Here is where you will find his life’s work. he is a Kansas native who now resides in Eureka Springs near #vancouver #BC. he currently owns and operate the Stringed Instrument Peddler at 53 North Main. Prior to coming here he owned “Acoustic Stringed Instruments” in Hutchinson, Kansas. He is a musician, teacher, composer, instrument maker and repairman, who has A-la-carte ability to communicate via songs.

Gordon Brent Pierce, along with his friend and employer the late Stuart Mossman and Sam Ontjes conceived the idea of a folk music festival to be held at the Southwestern’s College campus in Winfield, Kansas. After many talks, proposals, and scheming sessions held on long trips…


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Brent Pierce, a highly respected multi-disciplined Martial Arts instructor, is the chief defensive tactics instructor for Hawk, East, Inc. He has more than 25 years of law enforcement and security experience. Brent retired from the San Jose (CA) Police Dept, and is president of C2, Inc., a security consulting, training and contracting firm. Gordon Brent Pierce provides security for the US Government in classified operations worldwide including Iraq, Kuwait, and Pakistan. His clients also include the United States Federal Air Marshal Service, New York Department of Corrections, and The Home Depot. His no-nonsense techniques for combat have earned him the respect and trust of both student s and peers worldwide.